Meter Reading

Meters will be read on or about the third week of every month. Our operators read meters with a drive by system. Depending on weather condition, rain fall and other condition we can typically read all meters in three days. Due to some meter locations we will have to enter your property to obtain a reading. These meter readings are then brought into our office and imported into the billing system.

If you feel you are using more water than usual, turn off all the water inside and outside your home then go to the meter box , open the lid and see if the small silver indicator wheel is turning. You may have to spend a little time examining the indicator wheel. For example, if you have a toilet flapper leaking any movement could be very slow.

Lee County WSC will never be able to tell you where your metered water went but we do have the technology to give you the times and dates the water went through your meter by Data Logging your meter. A customer is not charged for the first Data Log, however if a customer chooses to have other Data Logs within the same year then there is a $50.00 trip fee for each additional Data Log.

Lee County WSC Meter Dial