About Us

Lee County Water Supply Corporation is a non-profit corporation that is owned by our customers. As a customer within Lee County WSC service area, you are a member of our corporation.

Lee County WSC is governed by a nine-member board of directors who are elected by the membership at the annual meeting held in March of every year. The directors serve for a three year term. The Board of Directors and Staff of Lee County Water Supply Corporation are dedicated to providing safe, reliable, high quality drinking water, along with unsurpassed customer service to meet or exceed the needs of all of our members while maintaining water quality and quantity within the mandated guidelines provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Lee County Water Supply Corporation – History

1971  Lee County Water Supply Corporation was established.
1972  Phase I Consisted of four wells, two Standpipes and Distribution lines.
1973  Phase II Addition of two Booster Stations another Standpipe along with distribution lines.
1975  Phase III Construction of two additional Standpipes plus the addition of more distribution lines to serve more area.
1979  Drilled additional well.
1982  Phase IV addition of five additional wells, Upgrade of some existing stations, addition of three new sites, and extensive amount of work on the distribution system.
1990  Phase V All Distribution lines to tie-in parts of four other areas within our service area.
1994  Phase VI Distribution lines to tie-in two additional areas in the system.
1995  Phase VII Merge Paige WSC to Lee County WSC along with Distribution lines to tie-in both systems.
1999  Relocate office to current location at 1598 S. Leon St Giddings, Texas 78942.
2001  Phase VIII Drilled three deep wells and the addition of three 250,000 elevated storage tanks, with additional distribution lines and mains.
2002  Phase IX Addition of larger transmission lines, replace defective and high maintenance areas and loop systems with larger mains. After Phase VIII and Phase IX, Lee County WSC had added and replaced over 160 miles of line.
2009  Merge Ledbetter WSC to Lee County WSC.
2011-2014  Phase X Drill new well, Update four sites, add one cooling tower which will bring Lee County WSC to three cooling towers total, Rebuild critical site that was built in 1972 and the addition of larger main lines and distribution lines to Ledbetter area.
2018 -2020  Phase XI ---- New 12" water main from FM 2239 down County Road 211 tying into main line on FM 448. New 12" line from Serbin Pump Station to FM 2239. This phase also saw the rehab of all the Ground storage and elevated tanks interiors as well as exteriors.
2018 - 2019  Meter Register replacement ------ Lee County WSC replaced the 3G register with the new 4G digital registers. This was a one year project from March 2018 to March 2019.
2019  TXDOT Construction ----- With the dividing of Hwy 290 west from Giddings to Paige, Lee County WSC had to construct new lines in new TXDOT properties along both the north andsouth side of the highway.

2021  Phase 1 of the Future Projected Capital Improvement Projects will see the 2.27 mile streatch of 6" water main along FM 2239 west of the ball park replaced with a 12" due to high maintenance and the inability during maintenance or emergencies in the Paige and Manheim area to increase flow and pressures in those direction.

2022 Phase II of the Future Projected Capital Improvement Projects. This phase is adding 4.22 miles of  6" water line along County Road 405 tying into the intersection of County Road 401 and 402. This will make Rural water available to many properties that currently do not have access to Lee County WSC, while also increasing water pressure in the Old Dime Box area along with capacity west along County Road 405 all of FM 696E and Lone Pine area.